FIRFL in Kenya
FIRFL in Kenya


The breakaway Italian Rugby League has arrived in Africa to kick-start the Kenya Charity Camp FIRFL Project! The FIRFL wants to expand its borders through an important initiative to assist Kenyan kids.

The new initiative was launched in an experimental in November and will run for six months. 

There is the intention to continue to provide support for the next three years. In essence the Federazione Italia Rugby Football League will send federal coaches to the Watamu and Malindi orphanages, namely two of the most important cities of the Kenyan nation. 

The purpose of the FIRFL is not simply to teach and instil the values of rugby league to the unfortunate African children, but the main intent of the FIRFL is to help a country in light of recent tragic events. 

The FIRFL project was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by the local rugby league federation who have supported and have endeavoured to ensure that this idea was turned into a reality.

The FIRFL, finally, does not hide the hope of being able to obtain funds, in future, from partners attentive to ethical investment in order to create scholarships for Kenyan children who live in a harsh reality every day.