Espana Rugby League
Espana Rugby League

By Richard Cowley, Date: 22/11/13

On the back of their historic first match in Castellon, the Espana Rugby League will run a rugby league camp at the River Turia in Valencia on December the 4th.

New National coach Darren Fisher who has a wealth of rugby league experience previously running around for English teams the Barrow Raiders RLFC and Batley Bulldogs RLFC will be one hand to assist.

The new coach, Darren Fisher, will be joined on the staff by Matt Dulley and Toni Rojas, assistant coach and physical trainer respectively.

The following evening a match between the selection of Valencia of Rugby League and the Rugby Ciencias Valencia. The best players from this match will for part of the national Spanish Rugby League team.

The Espana Rugby League is looking to get rugby league firing in Spain and part of the plan is trying to gain some national media exposure by forming a national team. The National team will take on other European nations who are at the same level of development.

This camp and match between the two select teams will further assist with developing spanish players who are new to the game of rugby league.