Fijian Rugby League
Fijian Rugby League

By Richard Cowley, Date: 23/11/13

The hour draws near for what will be the Fijians biggest battle of their 2013 Rugby League World Cup campaign. Some may even say the biggest battle in their short rugby league history.

The Fijian Rugby League team will be running out at Wembley with just about every fan in the stadium on their side, Every Fijian in the world along with every rugby league fan outside Australia cheering them on against the Kangaroos.

The Fijians have really encapsulated everything that is great about the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. That “against all odds” mentality which has captured the imagination of fans around the world and set the tournament apart from many before it.

What do we as fans really want to see from the Fijians come 3.30pm?

We want to see the true Bati!

In Fijian culture the Bati is the ultimate warrior. They are the strongest of all Fijians! This current Fijian team need to live and breathe Bati from 3.30pm (Local Time) today until full time. They need to show the world that the Bati is truly the ultimate warrior.

They need to be everywhere and defend their line to the bitter end. The need to attack Australia with their star studded backline. When all seems lost we want them to show character. We as fans just want them to give it everything they have. Every last drop of sweat, every last ounce of energy, everything!

We want to bear witness to the best Fijian rugby league team that has ever played the game of rugby league make their mark in this World Cup. We want to tell our kids about the ultimate Fijian warriors who against all odds triumphed no matter what the final score may be. We as rugby league fans are behind you Fiji. When you run out tonight, we are all in your corner.

The time for Bati is now!