Date: 25/11/13

Sheffield Eagles will open their defence of the Kingstone Press Championship title with a historic fixture against newly-promoted Rochdale Hornets at their new home, Owlerton Stadium.

The 2013 grand final winners host Rochdale on Sunday February 16 in a repeat of their first ever game as a professional club, which was also played at Owlerton back in September 1984 when the Eagles won 29-10.

2013 runners-up Batley Bulldogs travel to Leigh Centurions in the opening weekend of the season, when Kingstone Press Championship One champions North Wales Crusaders have a home match against Barrow.

Other notable fixtures from week one include Dewsbury Rams v Featherstone Rovers, Halifax v Swinton, Keighley Cougars v Whitehaven and Workington Town v Doncaster.

The Championship clubs enter the Tetley’s Challenge Cup over the weekend of March 15-16, a competition that concludes with the final at Wembley Stadium on Saturday August 23.

The 2014 season comprises 26 rounds and concludes with the title-deciding Grand Final over the weekend of October 4-5 at a venue still to be confirmed. As announced last month, the Northern Rail Cup will not be contested next season.

Details of televised fixtures will be confirmed before the start of the season.

Key dates for 2014

Kingstone Press Championship Round 1: Sunday February 16

Championship play-offs start: weekend of September 13-14

Grand Final: weekend of October 4-5

Tetley’s Challenge Cup

Round 3 – weekend of March 15-16

Round 4 – weekend of April 6

Round 5 – Weekend of April 27

Quarter-finals – Weekend of June 8

Semi-finals – Weekend of August 10

Final – Saturday August 23

The 2014 Kingstone Press Championship fixtures in full are as follows:

Round 1

16/02/2014 Dewsbury Rams v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

16/02/2014      Halifax v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

16/02/2014      Keighley Cougars v Whitehaven 3.00pm

16/02/2014      Leigh Centurions v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

16/02/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Barrow Raiders 2.30pm

16/02/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Rochdale Hornets 2.00pm

16/02/2014      Workington Town v Doncaster 3.00pm

Round 2

23/02/2014      Barrow Raiders v Leigh Centurions 2.00pm

23/02/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Workington Town 3.00pm

23/02/2014      Doncaster v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

23/02/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Halifax 3.00pm

23/02/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Dewsbury Rams 3.00pm

23/02/2014      Swinton Lions v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

23/02/2014      Whitehaven v North Wales Crusaders 3.00pm

Round 3

02/03/2014      Doncaster v Dewsbury Rams 3.00pm

02/03/2014      Halifax v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

02/03/2014      Leigh Centurions v Whitehaven 3.00pm

02/03/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Featherstone Rovers 2.30pm

02/03/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

02/03/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Barrow Raiders 2.00pm

02/03/2014      Workington Town v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

Round 4

09/03/2014      Barrow Raiders v Workington Town 3.00pm

09/03/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Doncaster 2.00pm

09/03/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Whitehaven 3.00pm

09/03/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Rochdale Hornets 3.00pm

09/03/2014      Halifax v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

09/03/2014      Keighley Cougars v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

09/03/2014      Swinton Lions v North Wales Crusaders 3.00pm

Round 5                   

23/03/2014      Doncaster v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

23/03/2014      Leigh Centurions v North Wales Crusaders TBC

23/03/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

23/03/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Dewsbury Rams 2.00pm

23/03/2014      Swinton Lions v Barrow Raiders TBC

23/03/2014      Whitehaven v Halifax 3.00pm

23/03/2014      Workington Town v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

Round 6

30/03/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Workington Town 3.00pm

30/03/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

30/03/2014      Halifax v Doncaster 3.00pm

30/03/2014      Keighley Cougars v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

30/03/2014      Leigh Centurions v Rochdale Hornets 3.00pm

30/03/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Batley Bulldogs 2.30pm

30/03/2014      Whitehaven v Barrow Raiders 3.00pm

Round 7

13/04/2014      Barrow Raiders v Featherstone Rovers  3.00pm

13/04/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Keighley Cougars  2.00pm

13/04/2014      Doncaster v North Wales Crusaders 3.00pm

13/04/2014      Halifax v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

13/04/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Whitehaven  3.00pm

13/04/2014      Swinton Lions v Dewsbury Rams  3.00pm

13/04/2014      Workington Town v Sheffield Eagles  3.00pm

Round 8

18/04/2014      Barrow Raiders v Halifax 3.00pm

18/04/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Batley Bulldogs  7.30pm

18/04/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Keighley Cougars  7.45pm

18/04/2014      Leigh Centurions v Swinton Lions TBC

18/04/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Rochdale Hornets 2.30pm

18/04/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Doncaster  2.00pm

18/04/2014      Whitehaven v Workington Town 3.00pm

Round 9

04/05/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Whitehaven 2.00pm

04/05/2014      Doncaster v Barrow Raiders 3.00pm

04/05/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

04/05/2014      Keighley Cougars v Dewsbury Rams 3.00pm

04/05/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Sheffield Eagles 2.30pm

04/05/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

04/05/2014      Workington Town v Halifax 3.00pm

Round 10

11/05/2014      Barrow Raiders v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

11/05/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

11/05/2014      Halifax v North Wales Crusaders 3.00pm

11/05/2014      Keighley Cougars v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

11/05/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Workington Town 3.00pm

11/05/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers 2.00pm

11/05/2014      Whitehaven v Doncaster 3.00pm

Round 11

18/05/2014      Barrow Raiders v Dewsbury Rams 3.00pm

18/05/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Sheffield Eagles 2.00pm

18/05/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Workington Town 3.00pm

18/05/2014      Leigh Centurions v Doncaster 3.00pm

18/05/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Keighley Cougars 2.30pm

18/05/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Halifax 3.00pm

18/05/2014      Whitehaven v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

Round 12

25/05/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Halifax 3.00pm

25/05/2014      Doncaster v Rochdale Hornets 3.00pm

25/05/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Whitehaven 3.00pm

25/05/2014      Keighley Cougars v Barrow Raiders 3.00pm

25/05/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Leigh Centurions 2.00pm

25/05/2014      Swinton Lions v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

25/05/2014      Workington Town v North Wales Crusaders  3.00pm

Round 13

01/06/2014      Barrow Raiders v Rochdale Hornets 3.00pm

01/06/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Featherstone Rovers 2.00pm

01/06/2014      Dewsbury Rams v North Wales Crusaders 3.00pm

01/06/2014      Keighley Cougars v Halifax 3.00pm

01/06/2014      Swinton Lions v Doncaster 3.00pm

01/06/2014      Whitehaven v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

01/06/2014      Workington Town v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

Round 14

08/06/2014      Barrow Raiders v Doncaster 3.00pm

08/06/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Rochdale Hornets 2.00pm

08/06/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Dewsbury Rams 3.00pm

08/06/2014      Leigh Centurions v Halifax 3.00pm

08/06/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Swinton Lions 2.30pm

08/06/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Workington Town 2.00pm

08/06/2014      Whitehaven v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

Round 15

15/06/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

15/06/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Doncaster 3.00pm

15/06/2014      Halifax v Workington Town 3.00pm

15/06/2014      Keighley Cougars v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

15/06/2014      Leigh Centurions v Barrow Raiders TBC

15/06/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Whitehaven 2.30pm

15/06/2014      Swinton Lions v Rochdale Hornets TBC 

Round 16

22/06/2014      Barrow Raiders v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

22/06/2014      Batley Bulldogs v North Wales Crusaders 2.00pm

22/06/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Doncaster 3.00pm

22/06/2014      Halifax v Rochdale Hornets 3.00pm

22/06/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Keighley Cougars 2.00pm

22/06/2014      Whitehaven v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

22/06/2014      Workington Town v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

Round 17

29/06/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Barrow Raiders 2.00pm

29/06/2014      Doncaster v Whitehaven 3.00pm

29/06/2014      Featherstone Rovers v North Wales Crusaders 3.00pm

29/06/2014      Keighley Cougars v Rochdale Hornets 3.00pm

29/06/2014      Leigh Centurions v Dewsbury Rams TBC

29/06/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Halifax 2.00pm

29/06/2014      Swinton Lions v Workington Town TBC

Round 18

06/07/2014      Barrow Raiders v Whitehaven 3.00pm

06/07/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

06/07/2014      Halifax v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

06/07/2014      Leigh Centurions v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

06/07/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Doncaster 2.30pm

06/07/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

06/07/2014      Workington Town v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

Round 19

13/07/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Halifax 2.00pm

13/07/2014      Doncaster v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

13/07/2014      Keighley Cougars v Workington Town 3.00pm

13/07/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Barrow Raiders 3.00pm

13/07/2014      Sheffield Eagles v North Wales Crusaders 2.00pm

13/07/2014      Swinton Lions v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

13/07/2014      Whitehaven v Dewsbury Rams 3.00pm

Round 20

20/07/2014      Barrow Raiders v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

20/07/2014      Doncaster v Swinton Lions 3.00pm

20/07/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

20/07/2014      Halifax v Whitehaven 3.00pm

20/07/2014      Leigh Centurions v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

20/07/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Dewsbury Rams 2.30pm

20/07/2014      Workington Town v Rochdale Hornets  3.00pm

Round 21

27/07/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Barrow Raiders 3.00pm

27/07/2014      Keighley Cougars v Doncaster 3.00pm

27/07/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Workington Town  2.30pm

27/07/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

27/07/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Batley Bulldogs 2.00pm

27/07/2014      Swinton Lions v Halifax 3.00pm

27/07/2014      Whitehaven v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

Round 22

03/08/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Leigh Centurions 2.00pm

03/08/2014      Doncaster v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

03/08/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Barrow Raiders 3.00pm

03/08/2014      Halifax v Dewsbury Rams 3.00pm

03/08/2014      Rochdale Hornets v North Wales Crusaders 3.00pm

03/08/2014      Swinton Lions v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

03/08/2014      Workington Town v Whitehaven 3.00pm

Round 23

10/08/2014      Barrow Raiders v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

10/08/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Rochdale Hornets 3.00pm

10/08/2014      Doncaster v Workington Town 3.00pm

10/08/2014      Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

10/08/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Halifax 2.30pm

10/08/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Swinton Lions 2.00pm

10/08/2014      Whitehaven v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

Round 24

17/08/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Dewsbury Rams 2.00pm

17/08/2014      Halifax v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

17/08/2014      Keighley Cougars v North Wales Crusaders  3.00pm

17/08/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Doncaster 3.00pm

17/08/2014      Sheffield Eagles v Whitehaven 2.00pm

17/08/2014      Swinton Lions v Leigh Centurions 3.00pm

17/08/2014      Workington Town v Barrow Raiders 3.00pm

Round 25

31/08/2014      Barrow Raiders v North Wales Crusaders 3.00pm

31/08/2014      Batley Bulldogs v Swinton Lions 2.00pm

31/08/2014      Dewsbury Rams v Keighley Cougars 3.00pm

31/08/2014      Doncaster v Halifax 3.00pm

31/08/2014      Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

31/08/2014      Leigh Centurions v Workington Town 3.00pm

31/08/2014      Whitehaven v Rochdale Hornets  3.00pm 

Round 26

07/09/2014      Doncaster v Batley Bulldogs 3.00pm

07/09/2014      Halifax v Barrow Raiders 3.00pm

07/09/2014      Keighley Cougars v Featherstone Rovers 3.00pm

07/09/2014      North Wales Crusaders v Leigh Centurions 2.30pm

07/09/2014      Rochdale Hornets v Sheffield Eagles 3.00pm

07/09/2014      Swinton Lions v Whitehaven 3.00pm

07/09/2014      Workington Town v Dewsbury Rams 3.00pm