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PNGRFL & SP PNG Hunters Chairman Sandis Tsaka has today confirmed that the club has stood down Enock Maki for disciplinary reasons and breaching the clubs code of conduct.

The decision was made after close consultation with the SP PNG Hunters Welfare Officer Mark Mom, CEO Brad Tassell and Head Coach Michael Marum, said Tsaka;

“It’s tough but we have strict standards and a code of conduct that ALL players regardless of who they are must abide by with NO exceptions. The standards have been set from the start and ALL players know what is expected of them. We will take swift and immediate action to protect the club if discipline and acceptable behaviour standards are not met while contracted to the SP PNG Hunters.”

“It is not a decision we take lightly but through consultation with our welfare officer, head coach and CEO, Enock left us with no choice but to take this action. It’s a hard lesson to learn but Enock must now go and rectify his problems before he will be considered again in the future. Our welfare officer will continue to provide guidance, support and advice and we will do everything we can to support Enock. How he responds and what actions he takes from now will determine his long-­‐term future with the club.”

Maki said he accepted the clubs decision;

“It is my own fault and I fully accept the clubs decision. I let the club and myself down. I respect what Coach Michael Marum and the coaches are doing and I want to be a part of the club in the future and will work as hard as possible to prove I deserve another chance.”

Head Coach Michael Marum said the program was not only about producing good football players;

“Enock is young and has made a mistake and now he has to accept the consequences. All of the players know what’s required of them. This is not a part time, feel good program to make up the numbers. This is a serious program and we are serious about what we want to achieve for the players, the code in PNG and for our nation. The players need to take responsibility for their actions and realise they have consequences. That’s how we develop great football players and good people. I have no doubt with support from the coaches and our welfare officer we will see Enock back with the club in the future.”