Italia Rugby Football League

Date: 3/2/14

The first event in the FIRFL calendar will be the regional stage of the Italian Cup (Coppa Italia) to be held between February and March. But from the February 7 to 9 in Sicily there will be held a training demonstration and a coaches course.

The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League is ready to open the curtain on the “succulent” 2014 season. The federation of rugby league (or rugby a 13 in Italy) in fact, is going to present the agonistic activity of the new year in the hope of being able to record further growth compared to last season when, even to the mouth of President David Massitti, the Federleague has reached considerable levels of involvement and also of notable play. The date and venue are yet to be determined, but the expected location for the event will likely be held in Rome in the first days of February in the presence of the highest institutional positions, as well as distinguished guests.

The first official event on the calendar will be the regional stage of the Italian Cup to be held in February and March and will conclude with the appointment of the prestigious Final Four, to be disputed in Pesaro probably in the second half of March. Also this year, however, will be strongly influenced by the social initiatives of Firfl: on all the project “Kenya Charity Camp Firfl”, an idea that is intended to teach and instill the values of rugby league to the underprivileged children from orphanages in Watamu and Malindi, that is to say, two of the most important cities in the African nation.

But between these last months and the official start of the 2014 season there have been initiatives strictly “technical ” by the Federleague . In November, for example, the FIRFL has started an important discussion related to those responsible for the Firfl’s education and training: a group of technicians, in fact, participated in a week long course in London in which there was the coach of the Italian national team, which Ty Sterry outlined to the participants the basics of the discipline of rugby league. Based on that meeting, the Federleague has already planned a series of events on the Italian territory to spread, deepen and better explain rugby league: the first was staged Monday, January 13 in Siracusa, but another will again be staged . From February 7 to 9 taking advantage of the rugby union season break, still in Sicily will be held a training demonstration and a coaches course which will be attended by Spartans Catania, Rectores Belpasso, Syrako, Thirteen Lovers Palermo, Xiridia and Ragusa Padua. In addition there will be courses for coaches again in Rome (February 15 ) and Pesaro (February 22), but others may be soon be officially announced.

On the evening of Monday January 13 a large delegation composed of Massimo Nicotra and Tino Magrì of Sicily RL Giuseppe Moncada of Magnifi Firenze and two national players Nino Caruso and Alfio Finocchiaro, organized a training demonstration at the “Pippo Di Natale” school field in Syracuse, in a facility that is located next to the beautiful archaeological site of the city that includes theater and the “ear of Dionysius”. The workout was lead by Magrì, assistant coach of the Italian national team. “Two weeks ago – explains Magrì – we did a small demonstration at Syracuse, but the training session on Monday, is served to understand the peculiarities of our discipline and differences that we have with the 15-a-side in much greater depth to the boys of Syracuse. We did marker exercises, in addition to a game and then in the end we gave some directives on placements. I must say that I found a response and a truly remarkable enthusiasm from young players who participated: in all likelihood, Siracusa will have a team in the next r-Evolution Championship.”