By Richard Cowley, Date: 12/2/14

Well the smell of rugby league is in the air and Fox Sports have outdone themselves this year with their new NRL video Simply Obsessed. It’s funny, witty and has everything that would not only appeal to rugby league fans in Australia but sporting fans in general from around the world.

With the music from Tina Turner’s classic “Simply the Best” playing in the background, the lyrics have been modified to depict the Rugby League obsessed fan. Jimmy Barnes would be proud with his daughter Mahalia Barnes on vocals. And to Mahalia’s credit she doesn’t miss a beat.

The stage is set with the first verse “You call him; you need him, your cars on fire. He said his at work but you know his a liar….his watching league, his watching Fox Sports on TV.” The video itself is very well done and they should bag an award for it down the track.

With the likes of Matty Johns (I wonder if he had any input into the script) Nathan Hindmarsh and Peter Sterling all making appearances in the 70 second video, it really captures the Fox Sports NRL team who are generally a good bunch of larrikin, rugby league loving, rugby league commentators with that comical twist.

Okay I have given the video a big enough rap so why not check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.