Don’t you just hate it when there’s nothing in your eyes? Luckily there’s a two-minute long, laser-filled, glam-rock music video (complete with exploding budgie) that’s pitching a solution – the Official NRL App with Digital Pass.

The folk over at Digital Pass have summed up perfectly just how great it can be to have NRL delivered straight in your eyes, from whatever gadget you happen to have on hand.

The spot takes all that’s great about 80’s glam rock – spandex, lo-fi special effects, and smoke machines – to show the glorious captivation NRL fans can now afford themselves in everyday life. As the lead singer puts it, you can now get live games, replays, stats and even “stuff for your ears” straight in your eyes.

If the onscreen experience is anything to go by, we’re in for a helluva season.

Head to to get the Digital Pass “straight in your eyes” with a free two-week trial.