Rugby League balls arrive in Ghana

Date: 17/4/14

Ten months after being named the winners of the Rugby League Development Fund, Ghana’s good fortune became manifest with the welcome arrival of 150 rugby league balls in Accra. The RLDF is run by Rugby League Planet, with the $2500 being awarded to Ghana Rugby League by the fund’s members. Ghana Rugby League official Sylvester Wellington and RLP’s Richard Cowley then agreed that the best use of funds was the purchase of footballs to aid Ghana’s continuing growth.

“The Rugby League Planet Rugby League Development Fund is made up of members who want to see the great game of rugby league grow around the world,” said Cowley. “After receiving many applications Development Fund members voted to provide Ghana, a nation which is new to the game of rugby league, with some assistance. We are so happy that we have made a difference and now kids in Ghana will be able to play rugby league with Steeden rugby league footballs in hand. We would also like to thank the Rugby League European Federation which was instrumental in assisting the Rugby League Development Fund with delivering the balls to Ghana.

“The Rugby League Planet Rugby League Development Fund has assisted Jamaica, Canada and now Ghana over the last three years. We are always looking to grow our member base with the aim to assist more emerging rugby league nations. For anyone who would like to get involved please email visit or email us at

Wellington, who is preparing Ghana’s application to the RLEF, took delivery of the consignment in Accra last week and will distribute the balls to the seven clubs and four school districts that form the focus of the GRL’s development strategy. He said: “Ghana is pleased to receive the balls from RLP for the development of rugby league in Ghana and its surroundings. Ghana rugby league has come very far in terms of development of the sports among communities, security services, churches and schools.

“Now that we have received these balls from RLDF our work will be much easier to develop more within schools in Ghana, and also make rugby league an integral part of those schools. Ghana rugby league wants to say a very big thank you to the RLP for supporting development of rugby league not only in Africa but the whole world at large. RLDF is a very wonderful organization and we encourage everyone to join to make it grow bigger and bigger to give the best sport ever known the chance to develop in other countries, especially in Africa. Thank you RLP RLDF for the good work and we say long live Ghana Rugby League, long live Rugby League Planet and long live rugby league!”

After receiving and reviewing applications from, Russia, Denmark, Ukraine, Ghana and Italy. RLDF members submitted their final vote to decide the winner of the 2013 Rugby League Development Fund Grant.

The winner of the 2013 $2500 AUD Grant is Ghana Rugby League. Ghana Rugby League have only been around for 12 months but in that time have made great progress with little funding. Rugby League Development Fund Members would like to congratulate Ghana on the work done thus far. We hope the RLDF grant will assist with the continued growth of rugby league in Ghana.

RLDF members would also like to thank all the nations who submitted applications. We wish we had enough money to assist you all. Who knows maybe in time as the membership grows this could become a reality.