Date: 27/5/14

The start of the 2014 Championship known as the r-Evolution League organised by the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (Firfl) will soon begin on June 7. Among the new clubs of this year’s edition there is one team based in Rierti, called the Arieti League (Rams) guided by player-coach Simone Martellucci. A great character that has proven success in the Italian Rugby League world and has represented Italy, given he has helped win 4 consecutive titles with Gladiators Roma in recent seasons.

Martellucci states – “I had decided to take advantage of the experience gained with the capitals to form a team and drive it in the knowledge through this code of rugby. I am very curious to try this new experience: we have a strong player base, but our team also includes guys L’Aquila, Terni and Rome. One of our objectives is to involve other important “rugby centres” and to form in the future hopefully new teams in Abruzzo and Umbria.”

He then further explains – “With regard to objectives, we do not have pressure with our debut in the Federleague. Mostly – remarks Martellucci- this is not the first rugby league experience: of yours truly (who will play in the role of Hooker and five-eighth), Matteo Marchetti as halfback and Edoardo Rotella (centre) who together have much better experience in this discipline and we will try to teach the sport to the rest of the group as much as possible. However, there are quality guys and we believe that they can have a good impact in this championship. Our first steps will soon be made within the new r-Evolution League season, which will, of course, begin in the Central Italian group: the enthusiasm of novices might make a difference and give big surprises from our Rieti club.”