Sweden Rugby League
Sweden Rugby League

Date: 20/6/14

The pan Scandinavian competition has come to an end for 2014, with skåne crusaders successfully defending their 2013 premiership going undefeated for the second season since the start of the competition.

There were plenty of positives for the crusaders this season, having a smaller side then both Copenhagen and kungsbacka. Some of the back from last year had to step up and play in the forwards, hard work in training was the x-factor in improving on offence and defensive skills proved to out class the other teams.

Kungsbacka boast a team full of giants but lack some of the technical areas in the game as it’s only their second season playing the game. But this offseason the crusaders have been making the 2 hour journey up there to help train them in the technical areas of the game.

July 19 in Årsta, Stockholm will see two new teams play a match for the first time and looking to join the competition next year. Södertälje vs Stockholm will be a “city vs country” style match. Both teams will be looking to build up their squads and build the code in the capital.

June 28 in kungsbacka will be the first training camp for the Swedish national team as they begin their assignment to be the First Nation to defend the Nordic cup title they won in 2013.

Now each nation has won the Nordic cup once since it started in 2011.

Winning the competition in 2013 was the best thing for Sweden. We were written off before it had even started, we travelled to Norway with 14 players came away with an inspirational win, and for the Denmark game we had over 25 players wanting to play.

The games this year are:
Sweden vs Denmark august 16 in Copenhagen
Sweden vs Norway August 30 in Lund

It’s never easy cutting players but it’s the best thing for the sport, having no position guaranteed every spot has to be earnt within the team. We hope to win again this year and with inclusions of two new teams in the capital we can enter in other European competitions.

We are also looking for a competition sponsor, club sponsors and the national team is still without any sponsors. This is a great chance to jump on board on a sport that is growing fast here in Sweden. For more information about players interested in playing rugby league you can get In contact with the people in charge of the clubs via Facebook.

Skåne crusaders – Ashley brown/Paul brigs

Kungsbacka broncos – Scott Edwards

Södertälje RLFC- Fabian Wikander

Stockholm RLFC – Adam Kirk/Sam cammell