Rugby League Nigeria
Rugby League Nigeria

Date: 4/8/14

Rugby League can’t be criticized for standing still! Nigeria of all places, is taking up the greatest game and it is on the back of African nations like Ghana taking up rugby league.

In the last 24 months Nigeria have been flying under the radar but have been involved in various rugby league developmental activities.

With the assistance of Danny Kazandjian from the Rugby League Federation the Nigerian Rugby League sent 3 officials over to Accra for rugby league coaching.

Danny has also been instrumental in sending 48 used Rugby League Balls from Warrington Wolves to the Nigerian Rugby League. The footballs have assisted the Nigerian Rugby League in their various Rugby League Nigeria advocacy campaigns.

Uche Ezechiogbe has been flying the rugby league flag in Nigeria over the last two years.

Rugby League Planet asked Uche what development activities have been happening on the ground and how far off is official recognition by the RLEF? ” We have since conducted 2, Easter rugby league clinics in 2013 and 2014, training activities in other a number places in within Nigeria.”

“We recently embarked on a plan to reach out to Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, and are at an advanced stage to start a weekly Rugby League outing with Corp Members.”

“We are presently working with Danny with regards to receiving NZRL referee Simon Taylor around October ending and early November 2014 to further assist.”

We could not bring in all our papers to register as an observer nation with RIEF, but we are still closely working with the newly appointed RLEF/MEA Remond Sefi .”

Well it seems that the Rugby League Team in Nigeria are keen to get the sport firing along. If you want to keep up to date with the latest check out their Facebook page on and stay tuned to Rugby League Planet.