Czech Rugby League
Czech Rugby League

Date: 7/8/15

The head of St Helens’ youth system Steve Leonard has been a keen observer of the latest strand of the joint RLIF-RLEF-EU Leadership Devolution Project, which has conducted its second Czech-based event, with coaching delegates from Malta, England and Sweden joining their Czech counterparts.

Leonard has been working with Latvia Rugby League on their youth structures and commented: “The whole experience has been tremendous. The energy and devotion to our game from the volunteers and staff is a credit to both the country they represent and the European Federation.”

“The future of our game, and more importantly the expansion of our game is in great hands with people of the quality of all the guys who delivered, assessed, or took their level 1 course. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in.”

The project, which attracted €195.000 of support from the European Commission’s Sport Unit, will see the participating nations have access to trained and qualified technical educators and the ability to conduct their own training courses on completion.

RLEF Coaching Manager Martin Crick led the weekend, supported by Czech RL Association chief coach tutor David Lahr, which saw 15 new Czech coaches receive their Level 1 certificate led by new CZRLA coach tutor trainees Ladislav Cintler and Jaroslav Bzoch, who will finish their training in Sweden next year.

“What a great week,” enthused Swedish Rugby League delegate Ashley Brown. “A wealth of knowledge was passed on in highly efficient and well run seminars, it was a fantastic experience for everyone involved.”