Date: 14/8/14

The RLIF has put in place a process to solve the dispute over governance in the USA.

The Federation invited all interested parties to formally express their interest by applying to become a constituent member representing the country.

The closing date for receipt was set for today (August 13th). Only one has been received and that will be presented to the RLIF Board at its next meeting on 2nd September with a decision taken after due consideration.

RLIF chairman Nigel Wood commented: “The RLIF is committed to taking the sport forward in the Americas and to capitalise on the gains being made there, especially with the next World Cup in 2017, and its qualification process, in mind.”

“There is a clear willingness on the ground in the USA to take the sport forward and enhance its presence in the nation’s passionate sporting consciousness, in an all-inclusive manner.”

“We will be using all of our energy and resource to bring together all people and organisations who share this vision as far as we possibly can.”

Wood added: “The RLIF would like to formally acknowledge the invaluable contributions made towards to cause of rugby league in the USA by the founding fathers such as David Niu. Their tireless efforts should not be underestimated and a fitting legacy would be a thriving domestic competition and a consistently competitive national side. We hope that both are within reach.”