French Rugby League Tour 2015
French Rugby League Tour 2015

Date: 2/9/14

According to the Federation French Rugby League website France look to be heading to the Southern Hemisphere to tour New Zealand in October 2015.

With the Rugby League Four Nations scheduled to have a break and England or Great Britain looking to tour, 2015 could see a flurry of rugby league internationals take place in October and November in Australia and New Zealand.

With the increased focus of developing rugby league throughout the Pacific region it is very likely Pacific Nations will be lining up to take on France. In the past when the French have toured down under they have stopped over in PNG for a warm up on their way to Australia. A stop-over to blow out the cob webs in one of the Pacific Nations on their way to New Zealand is not out of the question.

A big question mark still remains over Australia’s involvement in any international after the NRL season finishes in 2015 with the Aussies favouring to give NRL players a break.

With the RLIF searching for new blood to head up the Rugby League international Federation the whole scenario could come to a head next year.

The French who it seems will be flying the flag for International Rugby League in 2015 are also looking to send their A side “Players made up from the French Elite Championship and teams outside of Super League” to tour South Africa in May 2015.