Latvia Rugby League

Date: 25/9/14

The Latvian Rugby League has hosted the latest activity in the Leadership Devolution Project, as three Spanish, two Polish and one Scottish coach tutor-trainees joined their two Latvian colleagues in the beautiful setting of Sigulda, 50km north east of the capital Riga, nestling on the edge of the Gauja national park.

The training was run by RLEF Coach Manager Martin Crick and Rodrigo Molina, the Spanish association’s man in Madrid, said: “The whole experience was very rewarding. The multicultural environment in which the course was conducted generated a very positive atmosphere, with all of us seeing how the others work.”

“Undoubtedly, this course lets the Spanish rugby league face the proper development of rugby league in our country with some optimism. For Madrid, it is even more important because we currently have one club and we are now on the path to being able to train more coaches. Madrid has always been great in many sports, and rugby league should be no different.”

The LDP is co-funded by the RLEF, the Rugby League International Federation and the senior donor, the European Commission, which has committed €195.000 to the project.