Ukraine Rugby League in Pesochin

Date: 1/10/14

On the 27th of September Ukraine Rugby League took the Greatest Game of All to Pesochin a town just outside Kharkiv in Ukraine. Working with the sports club in the area Kars, Ukraine Rugby League put on a display for the local kids to try their hand at rugby league.

The guys from the municipal schools played a non-contact form of rugby league game to display rugby league to people. This display for most was the first time they had seen any form of rugby league.

“It is a new stage of development of our game out the big regional centre’s” Artur Martyrosyan, a president of UFRL said ” there are lots of kids and teenagers in small towns and settlements across Ukraine who are eager to play sports. And very often there are more possibilities to do it because of the less rent and other factors. We are sure that in such a sport-type settlement as Pesochin, Rugby League shall get the proper result and a lot of local kids will love it and go in for it!”

Ukraine are one of many European Nations that have passionate rugby league administrators on the ground working hard to grow rugby league participation.