2014 PNG Rugby League Independance Day

By:Jannel Mañibo Dela Torre, Date; 03/10/2014

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is the only country in the world where Rugby League is the National sport.

So what better way for PNG expatriates studying, working and living in the Philippines to celebrate their countries 39th Independence day celebrations, but organize a Rugby League tournament at the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) in Cavite on Saturday the 16th of September.

With a large student population living in the Philippines, PNG nationals and Filipno-heritage players who come from PNG formed the following teams for the Cavite tournament:

-Batangueno Mandirigmas
-Indang Rebels
-AUP Brothers
-PerSouth Brothers
-United Vikings
-Recto Royals

The teams were divided into two pools:

Pool A: AUP Brothers, United Vikings, Indang Rebels

Pool B: Batangueno Mandirigmas, PerSouth Brothers, Recto Royals

The pool games were hard and competitive matches full of the hard tackles and skill full ball work and running, the hall mark of PNG Rugby league.

The grand final was played between AUP Brothers and PerSouth Brothers

The final was played with great defense and offense from both the teams but in the end, AUP Brothers took home the trophy for the second time in a row.

The tournament organizers EP Jets and the rest of the AUP students would like to thank Adventist University of the Philippines for hosting the tournament.

The PNG players and the Filipino-heritage PNG Balikbayans took their own initiative to organize this Rugby league tournament themselves so are keen to play more Rugby League matches in the Philippines. So look forward to hearing from the Philippines National Rugby League to come up with a plan to develop “the Greatest Game of All” in the Philippines that they can be a part of.