Netherlands Rugby League

Date: 30/10/14

Seventeen of the most promising rugby league players in the Netherlands are to be offered a place on a new initiative, the Elite Netherlands Rugby League Programme (ENRLP).

A development centre has been created to improve the player’s understanding, knowledge, core physical and mental skills required for international rugby league.

The programme has been designed in segments, allowing additional players the chance to be offered a place on the ENRLP at the start of any new phase.

NRLB head coach Kane Krlic commented: “There is huge potential in the Netherlands for rugby league and we believe this programme will establish an environment to help fulfil it while also creating a pathway for the players.

“The ENRLP will provide the backbone of the national team with the standards the coaching staff have put in place. We understand it is a long term process but we feel this is the best philosophy to develop and accelerate the squad.”