2019 Rugby League 6 Nations?

Date: 3/11/14

The 2014 Rugby League Four Nations has been by far the best 4 Nations tournament to date and we are only half way through.

In week one Toa Samoa narrowly lost to England by 6 points. Then Australia copped a hiding from New Zealand 30 – 12 and really turned the rugby league world order up-side-down.

In week two which took place over the weekend we saw Toa Samoa go down to New Zealand in controversial circumstances 14 – 12. Then England were denied a dead set try by Hall in the final minute of the game which let Australia hold on for a 16 -12 win.

The 2014 Four Nations has really put international rugby league on the Radar like never before.

Facebook and twitter have been in overdrive with Samoan, England, Australian and New Zealand fans all giving their opinions about the games over the weekend.

The major development from the last two weeks is how close Samoa has come to knocking over both England and New Zealand. You could say Toa were only 8 points off the pace and a Four Nations final berth.

The RLIF have recently announced an overhaul of the international calendar which will more than likely see only one major tournament played outside of the Rugby League World Cup each 4 year cycle.

Is it time to take Rugby League to the next level? Should we move to a 6 Nations Tournament from 2019?

I think Samoa have proven that the Pacific Nations on their day can match it with the best teams in the World. Over in the Northern Hemisphere The likes of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and France have all shown they’re on the improve. If rugby League is ever going to end its three horse race they need to give more opportunities to nations outside of the World Cup.

The format and how teams qualify will be the tricky part. Maybe a Pacific Cup and a European Championship the year before the Tournament to work out the make-up of the 6 nations. Rugby League has a great opportunity to lift the international game to the next level. Let’s hope that the powers that be look to build on the momentum already created from the 2013 RLWC and now the 2014 4 Nations.