Denmark Rugby League

Date: 8/11/14

The Danish Rugby League Forbund has hosted its first ever coaching seminar as part of the latest instalment of the on-going RLEF-RLIF-EU funded ‘Leadership Devolution Project’.

The course, which was led by RLEF coach educator and Catalans Dragons head of youth development Thierry Dumaine, brought together Welsh, German and Danish participants for four days of tutor training and a practical Level 1 course.

“It really raised my awareness of the holes in my rugby league knowledge,” said DRLF tutor trainee Richard Naylor.

“I’m looking forward to applying the techniques we explored. Not only will improved coaching produce better results on the field, but better structured sessions will also improve the players’ experience.

“This should make it easier for us to attract and retain new players. It’s going to take time to roll this out and develop a core of good coaches in Denmark but this was the crucial first step.”

Allen Jones, alongside Mark Jones, represented Wales Rugby League: “The course was fantastic,” he said. “I learned so much working alongside Thierry, who was great, especially with the less experienced guys.”

Rugby League Deutschland, which is in the midst of revamping, sent three trainees; Bob Doughton, Simon Cooper and Mawuli Amefia, all of whom operate in different areas of the country.

“The course was very good,” said Cologne-based Doughton. “It really opened our eyes and Thierry challenged us. The exchange of experiences and rugby league-specific conversation outside of the course hours was at times scintillating.”