Lebanon Rugby League

Date: 20/11/14

The Lebanese Rugby League Championship is set to kick off this Saturday (22nd November) on the country’s Independence Day.

Four clubs will participate and the season opens with a double-header with defending champions Jounieh Al Galacticos Predators facing Immortals – in a repeat of last year’s Grand Final – at University Libainase, with Wolves versus Tripoli following.

Wolves RLFC, who have been preparing in the Metn area, are led by Mikahel Shammas while Immortals RLFC, based in West Beirut, has Nayef Abi Said in charge.

Jounieh RLFC will still be under Ghassan Dandash’s control, but Tripoli RLFC has lost experienced Allen Soultan who is leaving Lebanon for Sydney with his family. He is replaced with former Balamand and Liban Espoir hooker Darwich Darwich, who has returned to the open age game.

LRLF CEO Remond Safi said: “We have our work cut out and hope that we will be able to see all of the fixtures completed amid the surrounding regional conflict and absence of a government. This year is an important year one LRLF after last season’s stuttering campaign.”

The College Rugby League (CRL) season kicked off earlier this month, with seven universities playing in two divisions.

In January, the third tier, Schools Rugby League (SRL), will commence with four regions of four teams participating, in what the Lebanese Rugby League Federation expects to be a record numbers of youth matches played in the country.