Date: 23/1/15

The AERL (Spanish Association of Rugby League) has announced expansion into the south of the country, with Andalucía joining.

That follows the setting up of the first club in the area, Fénix Córdoba, formed in December.

AERL Andalucía hopes to establish a regional League comprising of three teams for the upcoming season.

Miguel Mudarra is chairman of the Andalucía association and is supported by Jesus Luque (treasurer) and Juan Mudarra (Secretary).

“We began 2015 with a lot of passion and confident in our ability to succeed,” said Mudarra.

“Rugby league is an easy sport to learn and very dynamic which is ideal for Spanish players and our youth. We hope to launch a regional league and before long enter Andalusian teams in the National League.”

Aitor Dàvila, Secretary General of AERL, added: “From the AERL perspective we are working towards a National Elite League with six or seven teams for the 2015 season and two Development Leagues, one in the east (Valencia and Alicante) and another in the West (Madrid and Andalusia).

“Our goal for the future is to establish two Elite groups (East and West) and further development leagues with the same format.

“We are very excited about Andalucía, an excellent region with a very talented group of people to carry forward the project with a real passion and love for rugby league”.

AERL Andalucía joins Madrid and Valencia as the third Spanish region.