Date: 31/1/15

FIRL (Federazione Italiana Rugby League) and AERL (Spanish Association of Rugby League) have agreed to collaborate on the joint development of rugby league in both countries.

The agreement, which initially covers the next two years, provides a working framework to continue to build the sport in both countries, along with international fixtures.

AERL and FIRL intend to organize conferences to share best practice and exchange programmes for coaches and referees.

Aitor Dàvila, General Secretary AERL, commented, “The two nations are very close culturally and we also agree on how we look to the future.

“AERL and FIRL believe in the necessity of our referees and coaches to develop in parallel. I’m sure that this exchange will nourish our projects on both sides.”

Tiziano Franchini, vice president of the Italian Rugby League Federation, added, “These steps are needed for domestic and international development on and off the field.

“This is the first step in the formation of a cooperation at Mediterranean level.”

In addition, Spain and Italy B will play a match in Alicante in June, at the La LLometa Stadium home of Muro de Alcoy, the first rugby league clash between two Latin teams in Europe.