Date: 26/3/2015

Fresh from graduating as an RLEF Level 1 Coach Educator, Aitor Dàvila of the Asociación Española De Rugby League has delivered the first-ever rugby league coaching course in Andalucia, southern Spain.

Twelve candidates participated in the three-day course in Cordoba, hosted by the Andalucian Rugby League.

Miguel Mudarra, regional president of AERL in Andalucía, commented, “We are taking the correct steps to develop the sport in our region. Aitor did a fantastic job teaching our coaches and we expect a good development of new clubs in the future, something similar to the level of the Valencian region.”

Dàvila added, “It is an important day for the rugby league in the south. I’m really surprised by how well and quickly the candidates grasped the information. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn are worthy of mention. Everybody went home with a very positive image of rugby league and with the idea of putting their new-found knowledge into practice with their clubs.”

Next weekend in Cordoba it will be the referees’ turn when Tony Palacios, RLEF level 1 MO Educator, will run a course for the region’s aspiring officials.