PNG Rugby League

Date: 25/3/15

The PNG Rugby Football League in moves to strengthen rugby league governance and administration across the sport has engaged the services of an experienced Australian sports administrator Paul Grogan.

Grogan from MDO Consulting, has been associated with PNGRFL since last year, conducting the “whole of sport” review of the organization.

He is currently delivering a series of League Development workshops across the country, which is expected to upskill PNGRFL Development Officers, League Presidents and other administrative officers with some basic sports administration skills.

As part of his engagement, Grogan will provide technical advice to Acting CEO Shane Morris with the day-to-day functions of the national office and ensure processes are commenced to identify and appoint a permanent CEO.

PNGRFL Chairman Sandis Tsaka said the board is confident that these interim arrangements will ensure that the stability and continuity of the PNGRFL programs are maintained.

He said for transparency and to ensure that the best possible candidate is identified, either from within the country or offshore, an independent and reputable human resources recruitment agency will be engaged to make the recommendations to the board for the appointment of the CEO.

“I would like to thank all our stakeholders for their patience, tolerance, and continued support, and I assure all that we must and we will move on.”