Italy A 2013
Italy A 2013

Date: 28/4/15

A school’s rugby league festival at the Stadium Augusteo in Este for 14-16 year olds saw over 250 youngsters take part, 60 of them girls.

Schools from Ponso, Ospedaletto, Carceri, Cinto, Vo Lozzo Atestina, Villa Estense, Sant Urbano and Sant Elana took part with their pupils learning the fundamentals of the sport.

FIRL vice president Tiziano Francini commented, “It was a unique rugby league gala day played with tremendous enthusiasm and a competitive nature. It was a joy seeing the participants play mostly for the first time and to see their increasing enjoyment.

“We received terrific support from the Este club and the local commune to make the day such a success, and are now looking to establish regular competition between the schools which will help to grow the game in the region.”

Cinto won the boys competition with Vo Lozzo taking the girl’s crown. FIRL will be conducting another gala event there in September.