Date: 20/5/15

Lebanon rugby league Immortals president Nayef Abisaid, winners of the Grand Final against the Wolves, has paid tribute to his side after their 32-18 triumph at Fouad Chehab Stadium.

“This s a massive honour for our club,” he said, ‘And the reward for all our hard work in trying circumstances.

“That the league reached such a fine conclusion is also a tribute to the work of all connected with the LRL.”

Abisaid added, “It was a good game, we struggled in the first half but managed show our best in the second. We give the Wolves great credit for their fighting spirit.”

Wolves, in their first Grand Final, having been established in 2006, led 18-10 at the break but struggled to keep their momentum and composure during the Immortals’ fightback, the experience of such as two-try Rudy Hachache – who was voted the final’s most valuable player – the difference.

Wolves captain, stand off Laurent Zalloum noted, “That was one of the best games we’ve ever played as a team. We’re proud of what we accomplished, but obviously still gutted to let the LRL Championship slip from our hands after a great first half.

“We’re ever more passionate for the challenges that await in the 2016 season.”

The trophy was presented to Immortals skipper Robin Hachache by Australian Ambassador Glenn Miles who commented, “It was great to see a hard fought Grand Final between too very skilled teams.

“The game showcased all the best attributes of rugby league with produced a great atmosphere. The Australian Embassy is proud to be a supporter of the game in Lebanon.”



J. Mouakar, H. Chahine , R. Hachache, J. Rmeily, K. Jammal, S. Jarouche, M. Finan, Y. Khoury, M. Knio, R. Hachache, R. Finan, I. Ballout, Subs: N. Tawil, J. Sakr, K. Bejjani, E. El Merj

Tries: Rudy Hachache (19, 60), Raymond Finan (30), Rayan Abi Raad (46), Sam Jarouche (68), Karim Jammal (74)
Goals: Karim Jammal 4/6

WOLVES 22 (18)

H. Ashcroft, R. Farajallah, C. Giordano, J.M. Rizkallah, K.Issa, L. Zalloum, W. Harb, T. El Hajj, S. Atshan, A. Hijazi, M. Tawk, F. Andari, R. Akel, Subs: Z. Agha, A. Lattouf, Gianni Hammoudeh, L. Savadogo

Tries: Khaled Issa (3), Henry Ashcroft (13), Wael Harb (34, 80), Toufic El Hajj (39)
Goals: Wael Harb 1/5

Referee: Remond Safi