Date: 1/6/15

The Hungarian Rugby League Federation welcomed sides from Bosnia-Herzegovina, England and Serbia for a four-day festival of rugby league that included full and 9s versions of the sport. England Women’s University & Colleges made a historic first tour into central Europe as part of it, beating the Hungarian Women’s national side 74-10 in a full international, before participating in a 9s tournament.

Played in Budapest, the University & Colleges team used the match as part of their preparations for the Associations Cup back in the UK. The following day the teams took part in a 9’s tournament, which saw the England team split into two and face Hungary and Belgrade.

Team manager Paul Carlos commented, “It was a massively satisfying tour and a good time was had by all. The feedback from the girls has been excellent and all the games were played in the right spirit.”

“It was an honour hosting a high level English side with international quality like Tara-Jane Stanley and Lindsay Anfield,” said Hungarian Rugby League Federation Director Zsolt Lukacs. “The full international was harder fought than the final score line suggests and our women learned a lot, while the 9s tournament was another great experience; there was a huge benefit for the Serbian Ladies too.”

A men’s 9s run alongside featured a team from Bosnia-Herzegovina, White Rabbits of Banja Luka, who played Belgrade and Budapest, the Serbians coming out on top.

“The Hungarian boys fought hard at the 9s tournament,” continued Lukacs. “All the games were close. After that, there was a promotional 13-a-side men’s game with all players involved, making the massive rugby league festival complete.”

Men’s 9s –

Belgrade 22 Banja Luka 4
Budapest 4 Banja Luka 6
Budapest 10 Belgrade 18

Women’s 9s –

Eng Univ & Colleges 38 Women’s rugby club Belgrade 0
Eng Univ & Colleges 28 Hungary 0
Eng Unv & Colleges II 20 Women’s rugby club Belgrade 0
Women’s rugby club Belgrade 8 Hungary 24