Date: 13/6/15

The RLEF completed its Swedish programme in the 18-month, EU-part funded Leadership Devolution Project, running a coaching activity in Lund, in the south of the country to qualify their two trainee educators, Paul Briggs and Ashley Brown.

The Swedish duo undertook further educator training and ran a Level 1 course, with Czech Rugby League Association educator David Lahr gaining valuable experience leading it, all under the watchful, eye of RLEF duo Martin Crick and Thierry Dumaine.

“For Ashley and myself it was incredibly motivating and shows how we must look to develop players and not just coach a team,” said Briggs. “The sessions will make us think in a different way now.”

“It was again a great experience,” Lahr, one of the growing band of continental coach educators, added, “I enjoyed it immensely and also learned many new ideas on how to improve courses in the Czech Republic.”