Netherlands Rugby League

Date: 14/6/15

In preparation for their forthcoming international in Germany (20 June), the Netherlands Rugby League national team has attended their first-ever two day training camp, hosted at ‘de Horsterhoeve’ in Ermelo,

Head coach Kane Krlic said, “It has been a huge success, the amazing facilities allowed us to create the perfect environment for the players. The coaches used a variety of different training methods to test them both physically and mentally.

“Due to the player’s work ethic and effort levels, all have shown remarkable signs of improvement over the course of the two days. We were able to monitor their development from start to finish by having a video analyst on site. That allowed us to not only give the players instant feedback but it also enabled the coaches to review every session to make sure our goals had been achieved.”

Krlic added, “The camp gave us a great opportunity to work closely with the players on their individual needs. NRLB has taken an holistic view on the development of rugby league here. We have a long term approach to make sure the game is sustainable, which means we are not reliant on players from other sports.

“We don’t want to take any short cuts by selecting players that are not passionate about the development of the sport in the Netherlands. We want to develop and create our own homegrown players and give the sport an identity in the Netherlands. “