Poland Rugby League

Date: 15/6/15

A three-man RLEF coach tutor team has completed a first-ever training activity in Lodz, Poland as part of the EU-backed Leadership Devolution Project, which has seen eight new coaches qualify.

Polish coach-educator trainees Lukasz Lucka and Adam Adamcewski completed the training they began in Edinburgh and continued in Riga before delivering the RLEF Level 1 course to their compatriots.

“Two RLEF educators were able to mentor and train the Poles, thereby ensuring multi-directional learning,” said overseeing RLEF Coaching Manager Martin Crick

“We introduced the level 1 candidates to the core skills and basics of team organisation. All involved were highly enthusiastic and keen to learn and they will now spread the word about rugby league to schools in and around Lodz.”

Of the eight successful candidates, three of them are current rugby league players while the other five are new to the sport, having seen it played locally and become keen to get involved. Two of these also attended the RLEF Level 1 match official course in May.

“It was crucial event for rugby league development in Poland,” said Lucka, who founded the sport in Poland after coming across YouTube footage and deciding rugby league was perfect to engage his city’s youths.

“We achieved our goal to get more people involved and the next step is to keep them interested,” Lucka added. “PE teachers who attended the course plan to introduce rugby league to their schools. We hope this will lead us to establish a regular competition for schools.”

The Leadership Devolution Project, backed by a €195 000 EU grant, has now completed its Cluster 1 activities.