Date: 5/8/2015

In preparation for their forthcoming 2017 World Cup MEA Qualifiers against South Africa in Pretoria in October, the Lebanese Rugby Federation has selected the best players from the domestic championship to take part in a trial game.

The match, between the Cedars Reds and Greens, will be played at Université Libanaise, Hadath, Beirut on Saturday, 29th August (kick off 5:00pm) and will also act as a celebration of 120th anniversary of the formation of the sport in Huddersfield in 1895.

The Greens will be coached by Nayef A. Abi-Saïd from Immortals RLFC who won the LRL 2015 Championship, while the Reds will be under Mikhael N. Shammas of Wolves RLFC who were Grand Final runners-up.

Shammas said, “I am honoured to be coaching one of the representative teams and look forward to a superb game among our top athletes on rugby league’s historic birthday. Through this match we will be able to truly determine and showcase the very best domestic players.”

Abi-Saïd noted, “It is always a pleasure to be part of this event. I love the competitiveness and eagerness among our best local players in their drive to be selected and represent Lebanon. This is going to be a great event, where we will see the very best the LRL has to offer.”

Green Cedars
Micheal Salameh, (AUL), Ibarhim Ballout, Kahil Bejjani, Elie El Merj , Raymond Finan, Rudy Hachache, Jad Hachem, Jonas Morkaar, Jean Rmeily, Jason Sakr, (Immortals RLFC), Raymond Sabat , Steve Sokhen, Steve Moubarak, (Jounieh RLFC), Joe Ghanem, Khoder Salmeh, (LAU) Rami Abboud, Kevin Sassin , Odei Merhi,(Tripoli RLFC), Yehya Abbas (UOB), Ziad Agha, Alfred Bolwes, Khaled Isaa, Robert Farjalah, Tarek Faycal, Cyril Nasir, Luc Savadogo, Mike Tawk (Wolves RLFC)

Red Cedars
Andrew El Merj, Abed Ghazzawi, Mounir Finan, Ossama Jarouche, Robin Hachache, Yves Khoury, Nabil Tawil, (Immortals RLFC), Abdallah Dahani (LIU), Ali Abou Arabi, Joseph Aslan, Chris Jreije, Omar Marahab, Rabih Mneimneh, Geaton Osman, Toni Moubarak, (Tripoli RLFC), Jad Abi Nader, Fouad Andari, Rony Akel, Toufic El Hage, Gianni Hammouded, Alaq Hijazi, Ali Kanj, Cyril Nasr, Malek Noureddine, Jean Marie Rizkallah , Samir Souri, Shadi Talhouk, (Wolves RLFC)