Date: 14/9/15

Greece head coach Matthew Ashill has announced a train-on squad for the October matches against Malta and Spain in European Championship C.

The winners will gain the final place in the 2016 European Qualifiers for the World Cup the following year, alongside Wales, Ireland, Serbia, Russia and Italy.

“We have a totally new plan using just domestic players who will contribute to the growth and development of the sport here,” Ashill explained.

Six clubs are represented in the initial group selected. “After September’s fixtures here, we may add more players from the teams of the Attica Region or even from the new sides in northern Greece,” Ashill added.

Giorgin Syti, Touki Arimanana, Dimitris Giannimaras, Giannis Giannimaras, Nikolaos Kostakis (AEK Kokkinias),Alexandros Goumas, Artemis Pittaras, Kostas Roussos, Panagiotis Varypatis, Pavlos Polymeneas (Agios Thomas), Konstantinos Lambrakis (Neapoli Lakonia), Dimitris Ganos, Panagiotis Karmiris (Pegasus neos Kosmos), Andreas Psarakis, Panagiotis Karefilis, Grigoris Koutsimbogiorgos (Promitheas Rendi), Evagelos Ilias, Giorgos Zdanov, Konstantinos Arvanitis, Konstantinos Ilias, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Sotiris Papasotiriou (Pyrrihios Aspropyrgou)