Date: 28/11/15

Netherlands Rugby League Bond has started a new programme working in schools for children with special educational needs. National captain Emmerson de Werk begun the project, delivering one hour sessions to five groups at Mijnschool in Harderwijk.

Timo Meinders, president of the NRLB who helped with the sessions commented: “The day was a huge success, the response we got from the kids and the school staff was overwhelming. The ages ranged from 12 to 19 and, at times, they were very challenging but this is what made it far more worthwhile as, at the end of the sessions, the kids just couldn’t get enough. We now have plans to spread the programme to all four corners of the nation.”

Kane Krlic, Netherlands Rugby League head coach, who set up the scheme, said: “These sessions alone have shown the positive effect the programme can have on the pupils. Having spoken to Timo and Jason Bruygoms (NRLB Development Officer) there are big plans for the programme and everyone is excited by the potential it has.”