Date: 10/8/16

The RLEF Board has formally expelled the Hellenic Federation of Rugby League from its membership after a four-month suspension period.


During that time the HFRL was asked to establish its membership and youth programme, comply with financial audit requirements, and answer allegations of misappropriation of funds and maladministration of the sport.

On 2 August the RLEF, invoking Article 18 of its constitution, wrote to the Hellenic Federation informing them of their expulsion and requested HFRL’s withdrawal from the membership by 9 August, which the Greek body confirmed in writing yesterday.

In April 2016, the RLEF membership voted 33-1 in favour of the resolution to suspend the Hellenic Federation, for wilfully acting in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the overall governing body and international rugby league.

The RLEF’s decision of expulsion was also based upon a lack of cooperation from HFRL, which failed to demonstrate the will to work positively towards a satisfactory outcome in the best interests of the sport.

The European Federation will continue to correspond with the General Secretariat of Sport in Athens to create a positive environment for rugby league to grow.

RLEF general manager Danny Kazandjian commented: “Rugby league must demonstrate the very highest governance standards if it is to grow on solid foundations. We extended every opportunity to the HFRL to work together to ensure a transparent, collaborative approach to governance but, regrettably, there was no reciprocal will.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm for the sport in Greece and we will continue to work with all parties who demonstrate a genuine desire to promote rugby league’s interests, in accordance with ours and the European Union’s standards of good governance.”