Date: 3/9/16

Belgium face the Netherlands this afternoon in Neder Over Hembeek, seeking to win the Western Europe Tri-Nations.

The hosts triumphed away in Germany, 26-12, who then narrowly beat the Dutch 8-6 in Rotterdam.

“Hosting Netherlands is always special as we started our rugby league story on their soil,” said Belgian RL president Yves Kazadi.

“As always we know that it will be very competitive and even more so this year. Based on their last result against Germany, it’s an open game and Tri-Nations could end with a draw.

“Players like Christopher Eyns and Ilias Laarchiri know the importance of this derby as they were part of the first-ever meeting and we expect that it will be an exciting decider for the crowd.”

Netherlands head coach Kane Krlic noted: “After a positive performance against Germany, we find ourselves playing a strong Belgium team.

“They create a different set of challenges but if there is one thing I’ve learnt about this Dutch team, it’s that they love to test themselves.

“The game marks the end of the international careers of Jason Bruygoms and Jorge Vasquez. Both have been indispensable to Netherlands Rugby League throughout many years and I’m sure the rest of the boys will want to do them justice and put in a performance.

“But as these guys retire, we also have a host of U19s playing. That is something we have worked hard at to make sure there is a succession plan and the game in the Netherlands continues to grow.”

Christoper Eyns, Ilias Laarchiri, Jonathan Bouillon, Adam Bahemou, Kamal Singh, Simon Troquereaux, Nicolas Bourguin, Salvatore Liga, Marco Cagnolati, Yann Bertrand, Sofian El Hilali, Quentin Leclercq, Damien Parée, Colin Niez, Yvan Leroyez, Halidi Hatoubu, Stanislas Salongo, Zakaria Zoubir, Lelio Guilmard, Idriss Tiogum, Marc Parée, Agim Coroli, Loic Delval

Ciaran Jaras (Amsterdam Cobras), David Scholte (Amsterdam Cobras), Marijn Steenland (Amsterdam Cobras), Joe Storm (Den Haag Knights), Koos Wabeke (Den Haag Knights), Benjamin van Bodegraven (Harderwijk Dolphins), Engin Höke (Harderwijk Dolphins), Santino Landus (Harderwijk Dolphins), Daniël de Ruiter, (Harderwijk Dolphins), Ruben Stuifzand (Harderwijk Dolphins), Taco de Boer (Rotterdam Pitbulls), Jason Bruygoms (Rotterdam Pitbulls), Patrick Funk (Rotterdam Pitbulls), Wouter Naloop (Rotterdam Pitbulls), Edson Neves (Rotterdam Pitbulls), Jorge Vasquez (Rotterdam Pitbulls), Daniel van Waas (Rotterdam Pitbulls), Thijs van der Zouwen (Rotterdam Pitbulls).