Date: 15/2/17

Seven level 1 coach candidates and three coach educators have qualified from a course held at the Ullevål Stadium in Oslo.

The trio of educators – Dave Hunter, Isaac Schmidt and Joshua Hornby – have been added to the RLEF technical portal, which is a part EU-funded Training and Education project, and they will next attend a level 2 educator course in Serbia in July.

Slobodan Manak, the Serbian Rugby League Federation’s lead educator, also attended to increase his experience of delivery. “I was positively and pleasantly surprised by the performance of the participants on the level 1 course,” said Manak. “It was very good group, full of creativity. Norway has a bright future if these candidates start to practise what they learned and continue to spread the word.”

Leif Nilsen from Kragero Rugby League, commented, “This was an excellent course and I learned a lot. It involved a perfect combination of theory and practical skills and has already helped me to become a better coach. All of the participants were very motivated. That resulted in some interesting conversations in the classroom and lots of fun in the gymnasium. I’m sure everyone who attended walked away as better coaches.”

The TEP is a three-year, €723.000 investment into capacity building through good governance and technical training, funded by €466.000 from the EU’s Erasmus+ project and the remainder from the RLIF and five of its full members. It is intended to build the knowledge and skills of the RLEF’s 21 European members through high quality training and mentoring, while granting opportunities to share experiences amongst fellow Europeans dedicated to rugby league development.