Date: 08/5/17

Kiwis Coach David Kidwell and New Zealand Rugby League have made the decision that Jesse Bromwich and Kevin Proctor will not be considered for the upcoming Rugby League World Cup campaign.

“I can’t express my disappointment enough in their actions in the early hours of Saturday morning.

“We have values to uphold, they have broken my trust, their team mates trust and the trust of the New Zealand public,” Kidwell says.

“In our Te Iwi Kiwi house no one is bigger than the team.

“Now we move forward and focus on the Rugby League World Cup.”

Chief Executive Alex Hayton says “NZRL 100% backs the decision not to consider these two men.

“We must uphold the values of the game.

“NZRL and the Kiwis will continue to work hard to ensure the people of New Zealand are proud to support our teams both on and off the field.”