Date: 6/6/17

The National Club Championship (NCC) kicked off on Saturday June 3 with six of the competition’s seven teams in action.

The Championship is in its 13th year and features Jamaica’s best domestic rugby league players. The defending champions are Duhaney Park Red Sharks who beat GC Foster College Lions in the 2016 Grand Finals. Vauxhall Vultures, Jamaica Defence Force, Spanish Town Vikings, Liguanea Dragons and Washington Blvd. Bulls comprise the remaining combatants.

The Championship will see the 7 teams play each other twice in the round robin stage. After 14 grueling rounds, the number one seed will claim the league Leaders Trophy and go straight to the semi-finals. Seeds 2-7 will play in Eliminator style matches to determine the 3 teams to join Seed 1 in the semi-finals. The Grand Final will be played on November 4.

Round 1: Results.

Game 1, Sat. June 3. (Campion College) 1pm
Jamaica Defence Force 67 def. Vauxhall Vultures 4

Jamaica Defence Force 67:
Tries: Jerome Laird (2), Allen Folkes (2), Shaneal Brown (2), Ortamo Brooks (2), Nicoli Kennedy (1), Edgar Herbine (1), Keshone Stephenson (1), Kareco Green (1).
Goal Kick: Allen Folkes (8), Nicoli Kennedy (1).
Drop Kick: Allen Folkes (1)

Vauxhall Vultures 22:
Tries: Reid (1)
Game 2, Sat June 3. (Campion College) 3pm
Duhaney Park Red Sharks 40 def. Spanish Town Vikings 0

Duhaney Park Red Sharks 40
Tries: Owen Linton (2), Kenneth Walker (2), Renaldo Wade (1), Andrew Smith (1), Stefan Lounds (1) Goal Kick: Renaldo Wade (4)

Spanish Town Vikings 0