By Brian Lowe, Date: 27/6/17

The kybosh has all been put on the likelihood of an extra provincial game in Canada in the leadup to this year’s Rugby League Americas Championship.

As we reported in April, Canada Rugby League Association (CRLA) was looking at a three-way series between British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario in the lead up to the Canadians’ opening game against Jamaica.

British Columbia was scheduled to play both Alberta and Ontario, while a new additional game between Ontario and Alberta was potentially on the cards.

The rationale behind that was to give national selectors a chance to cast an eye over a wider pool of potential Test caliber players.

However, that seems unlikely to pan out for economic reasons.

“The cost of traveling to Jamaica will probably mean that this game will not be played this year,” said CRLA chief Paul O’Keefe.

“Travel inside of Canada is way too expensive.”

Americas Championship schedule:
USA v Jamaica – Jacksonville (July 22, 2017)
Jamaica v Canada – Kingston (August 26, 2017)
Canada v USA – Toronto (September 16, 2017)