The carrot and stick approach to life seems to be the best. Hit them hard when they go against the rules, and commend them appropriately when they make special efforts. This was the case for players in the English rugby training camp.

One thing is very obvious in sports, and that is the fact that the hero may become the villain the next minute. That is why people must be very careful. It only takes split seconds to take decisions and act them out. Once there is misjudgment within those seconds, the entire world gets to know about it.

Now, before the opening of the England rugby training camp, the head coach named Eddie Jones talked about his willingness to let Manu Tuilagi into the team. Just last Friday, the man also had a lot of kind words for the young lad, talking about his fitness and how that could be very beneficial to the team. We bet rugby league betting odds on the guy to shine this season would have been great.

But that is not to be, as this show of solidarity and trust in the player did not last long before it turned sour. The entire confidence the coach reposed on the lad is gradually drifting away, as he was sent home alongside Denny Solomona from the camp on Friday. There are many punishments that could be meted out to players in such camps, and one of the most severe is to send them away from the camp. Whenever this happens, it means that the offence committed is not a small one, and it is normally something of a bad habit.

When they got the boot, the RFU released a statement indicating that the reason for the disciplinary action was “team culture issues”. However, investigations by journalists have discovered that this is directly related to alcohol. Of course, each team will always roll out some standards for the players in a camp, and each player in the camp is supposed to abide by those.  In this case, it is understood that Denny Solomona and Manu Tuilagi went out on an excessive drinking spree on Sunday. That something no rugby league betting tips at OddsDigger would have highlighted

Of course, you are free to drink outside the camp and do whatever you wish. But when you come to the camp, which is supposed to focus on pre-season preparations, you should halt such for some time. The worst part of this is that it is just a three-day camp that was supposed to come to an end on Monday. If players of that caliber cannot abstain from alcohol for just three days, then the problem is much more than suspected.

The story is that the entire team went out for dinner on the night and all returned after a few minutes. However, the duo left again for the second time and this time, they spent several hours drinking, only to get back to the team hotel early in the morning. This is the one that got their coach irked. The gentleman, who is said to avoid enforcing curfew and alcohol bans on his players, could not take that. So, he had to act. It is even on record that this is the first time he is enforcing such disciplinary measure on any player since he started coaching the team 2 years ago.

It would be noted that Tuilagi who is originally from Samoa has been out of action since early this year due to a knee injury. He has also not represented the country since 2016. However, this is not the first time the Leicester center is being disciplined. He was not included in the country’s world cup squad in 2015 because he assaulted two female police officers. On this case, his head coach at Leicester says they will with to him when he comes back to the team.