Golf Rugby

Rugby is our favourite sport here, so we love any other sport that brings in elements of it. Recently, we’ve heard of a hybrid game that apparently combines rugby with golf. Let’s find out all about it…

What is Rugby Golf?

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that this was a game created by young people on the golf course. It originated at the Mullion Golf Club outside of Truro in Cornwall, which is an auspicious golf course. So how do you play it?

The idea is to combine the powerful kicks of rugby with the precision of golf. Players must launch the ball towards the flag, though the hole to get the ball into is a lot bigger than traditional golf! This may seem a bit odd, but there are loads of games that combine golf with others such as hybrid golf with bingo.

How Popular is it?

It’s fair to say that this form of playing isn’t quite as popular as our own Rugby League, but it is picking up steam with players. It’s a great way for a rugby player to improve their accuracy, as it’s all about controlling the ball. This isn’t something that we always focus on in rugby, but it has a massive effect on the game as a whole.

This game is more of a leisure pursuit than an organised sport, though it is being enjoyed around the world. It’s a great way for rugby players to really hone their skills or for golfers to go in for something a bit more intense if they choose. There are a lot of options for players out there, so you can choose the sport that really suits your preferences.

We would love to see this sport being televised in future, as we think it would be a blast to watch.

Golf Rugby

In Summary

There are lots of hybrid games out there and we love the ones that take rugby into consideration. These games can make things much more exciting for the average rugby fan, so check it out if you want to have a great time.