USA All Stars


By Brian Lowe, Date: 4/9/17

Update 8/9/17 **** Due to Hurricane Irma the All Stars match has been cancelled. Stay safe everyone! From the team at Rugby League Planet. ****

The squads have been named for American rugby league’s North v South All-Stars game.

The match, to be played in Tampa, FL, on Saturday, September 9, 2017, will be one of the final times players can impress national team selectors before the USA’s Rugby League World Cup squad is announced.

The 23-man American squad will be selected after Game 3 of the Rugby League Americas Championship in Toronto on September 16.

“I think the North vs South match will be a much more intense and competitive game than in the past,” said USA Rugby League chairman Peter Illfield.

“The expectation is that players will step up to the higher level of play.”

The South won the high-scoring 2016 All-Stars game 38-32.

North All-Stars
Roman Lowery (Philadelphia Fight)
Seimou Smith (Brooklyn Kings)
George Reis (White Plains Wombats)
Corey Jones (Brooklyn Kings)
Randoph Porter (New York Knights)
Domenic Defalco (Brooklyn Kings)
Matt Walsh (White Plains Wombats)
Andrew Kneisly (Philadelphia Fight)
CJ Cortalano (White Plains Wombats)
Josh Rice (New York Knights)
Mike Elias (Boston 13s)
Martwain Johnson (Delaware Black Foxes)
Chris Frazier (NOVA)
Dave Fattaglia (White Plains Wombats)
Dane Wilcoxen (Brooklyn Kings)
Abe Cohen (New York Knights)
Ty Elkins (Brooklyn Kings)
Jovanny Perez (New York Knights)
Bryant Alexander (NOVA)
Matt Almeida (Brooklyn Kings)

Coach: Brent Richardson

South All-Stars
Zach Blalock (Atlanta Rhinos)
David Washington (Jacksonville Axemen)
Terrance Williams (Atlanta Rhinos)
Jason Paul Jr (Atlanta Rhinos)
Josh Jackson (Central Florida Warriors)
Taylor Alley (Central Florida Warriors)
Joe Cowley (Atlanta Rhinos)
Sean Hunt (Atlanta Rhinos)
Tomu Osbourne (Atlanta Rhinos)
Nick Newlin (Atlanta Rhinos)
Hiko Malu (Atlanta Rhinos)
Bart Longchamp (Central Florida Warriors)
David Ulch (Tampa Mayhem)
Kris Townsel (Jacksonville Axemen)
Pio Vatuvei (Jacksonville Axemen)
Justin Branca (Tampa Mayhem)
Jon St John (Tampa Mayhem)
Mike Stoelling (Tampa Mayhem)
Josh Diaz (Central Florida Warriors)
Sterling Wynn (Central Florida Warriors)

Coach: Sean Rutgerson

Because of the hurricane the All Stars game in Tampa has been called off.