Date: 9/10/17

The National U19 High School Rugby League Championship (HSRLC) got off to solid start with all 8 teams bowing into action during the week of October 2nd.

The Championship is in its 9th year and sees two groups of four battling for supremacy.

Group A features B.B Coke High, Campion College, Bog Walk High and Old Harbour High. Meanwhile, Group B has defending champions St. Catherine High, Spanish Town High, Kingston College and Calabar High.

Round 1 Results
Spanish Town High 12 defeated Calabar High 12-5 on October 2 –Group B
St. Catherine High 16 defeat Kingston College 14 on October 3-Group B
Bog Walk High 30 defeted Old Harbour High 4 on October 5-Group A
Campion College 8 defeated BB Coke High on October 6- Group A

Up Coming Games
Kingston College hosts Spanish Town High on Monday October 9
Calabar High hosts St. Catherine High on Wednesday October 11
Old Harbour hosts Campion College on Thursday October 12
BB Coke hosts Bog Walk High on Friday October 13.