Poland Rugby League


Date: 27/7/17

Łódź Magpies and Piotrków Wolfpack will contest the inaugural Polish Rugby League Grand Final on Sunday, at the PCS Staium in the District Sports Center in Bełchatów (kick off midday).

It will see the culmination of the first-ever Polish Rugby League Championship, which has involved five clubs competing in four qualifying tournaments over the past two months, the contestants determined by accumulating points from the festivals. The other clubs taking part were Tomaszów Wild Bears, Sparta Brzeziny and Łódź Builders.

Polska Rugby XIII chairman Lucasz Lucka said: “Rugby league is a new sport in our country. This season is the first time in which the official Polish championship has taken place in this format and history is about to be made crowning the first champions.

“Credit must go to the volunteers of the five clubs who have taken part, it’s not an easy task establishing clubs in a new sport and the whole of the Polish rugby league community should be proud with what they have achieved.”