Australia bags its ninth Rugby League World Cup after beating England in Brisbane, 6-0 win. The game was as exciting as playing the no deposit slots online.

In a tight game played under pressure, the two nations played hard at a low-scoring competition with Australia’s sole giving everything to win the tournament.


During the earlier match people are focused on how the two coaches Wayne Bennett of the English team and Mal Meninga of the Kangaroos handle the game. The audience is also into the possible final game together of Billy Slater, Cameron Smith, and Copper Cronk, the Kangaroos leader, emerge as the tallest. 

The leading man for the Australian team is the team captain Boyd Cordner who score the game’s opening before doing all the stuff in the attack and defense.

The back-rower attacks England’s line from a Michael Morgan underperformance to let them score in an encounter that remained 6-0.

Although the match-up brought some familiarity to those, who have been following the World Cup – with Kangaroos taking on England in the first match of the tournament in late October the two games proved to be very different.

The opening battle goes in favor of the Kangaroos, with its opponent left to restructure throughout the remaining of the tournament.

England proved to be a tough foe as Australia have a hard time getting a high score.

The situation heated when Cameron Smith was hit high and Josh McGuire failed to retaliate. But, England kept their composure and was able to match the supposed attack of Australia with some defending for the entire first half.

As the team was firm in their defense, Bennett’s team was having a hard time in the attack.

The Kangaroos have tried very hard to increase their points. Michael Morgan takes advantage in the second half before it was overturned for a block.

As the game continues, England remains scoreless and could not get past the defense of Australian defenders.

The Final Part of the Game

The Kangaroos were able to defend their Rugby League World Cup crown with a 6-0 dramatic win over the English team. The game can be described like the foxy slots where you can take advantage of everything like the free spins and others.

The winning team was in control for most of Saturday night at the Suncorp Stadium but were given a hard time by the English team that never give up until the last minute.

In the final part of the game only Cordner’s 15-minute attempt that makes the difference, with Kangaroos keeping their try line firm for the third time in the game.

The Australian Cronulla Sharks victory on homeland was the first since 1977 and the 13th win of the team under the coaching genius of Mal Meninga who remains to be unbeaten. Meninga becomes the coach and the captain of the team to World Cup glory.

The English team had several opportunities in the second half that includes being upset twice in as many minutes by clench defensive plays from Dugan. He first denied the visitors with an impressive run out of the in-goal to prevent a line dropout in the last 63 minutes, before he stopped an attempt when he ankle-tapped the runaway, Callum Watkins.

In the final stretch of the game, Wayne Bennett position Jonny Lomax at fullback and then switched Gareth Widdop, but still it was not enough since the Kangaroos held on.

Australia vs. England Rugby is a dramatic game that people would remember.