DR Congo

Date: 8/2/18

The RLEF board has awarded Congo Rugby League observer status. The organisation, which is recognised by the country’s sports ministry, is based in Kivu in the east, close to the Burundian border. CRL is constituted by seven community organisations.
RLEF Middle East Africa director Remond Safi commented: “It’s great to see another African nation join the rugby league family and aiding the sport’s recently successful GAISF member application. Congo Rugby League has plans to take the sport throughout the country and expand into the capital, Kinshasa. The MEA region is taking shape with plans being discussed to strengthen the nations and provide technical education to develop the sport to a high standard.”

M. Kajibwami, president of CRL added: “We would like to thanks Monsieur Shombo [Uvira region head of sports services, ministry of youth and sport], southern hemisphere development officer Tas Baitieri for the supply of equipment, and Remond Safi for his counsel and advice to help grow our sport. We are excited by what is ahead.”

Since Ghana joined the RLEF in 2013, several other African nations have followed including Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Burundi and Cameroon, with more African and Middle Eastern nations preparing applications.