Russia v Serbia and Rugby League match

Date: 23/2/18

The rugby league clubs of Partizan Belgrade and CSKA Moscow have announed a a joint initiative that will see Partizan tour Moscow from the 23-26th March, to initiate a twinning arrangement.

Both are part of large mutil-sport organizations and have a similar history, formed by the armies of Yugoslavia (Partizan) and the Soviet Union Red Army (CSKA). Respective presidents of their rugby league sections Partizan’s Admir Hadzic and Denis Korolev of CSKA met in Belgrade in July last year to set out the details of this historic tour.



“The initiative for cooperation came from Denis, who contacted RLEF regional director Jovan Vujosevic, and we immediately accepted because we consider this an exceptional opportunity to play a match between the champions of Russia and the winner of the Balkan Super League,“ said Hadzic.

“The agreement is an annual one, one year Partizan will travel to Russia and next year CSKA will come to Serbia. Both clubs beleive that coopeartion like this can raise the level of rugby league in both countries and animate football fans of both clubs to support and watch the games. Such cooperation can also bring in new sponsors and media coverage.“

Head of the board of trustees at CSKA, Alexei Mitryushin, added: “An old friendship will be secured by this rugby match. For CSKA it is an important game in preparation for the beginning of the season but more it offers a hand of friendship. We are waiting for our Serbian brothers!”