Fiji Bati

Date: 22/4/18 (Photo Credit: NRL Photos)

The Rugby League International Federation has intervened to ensure that payments due to players from the Rugby League World Cup 2017 are settled with immediate effect.

The Chairman of Fiji National Rugby League Filimoni Vosarago commented:
“FNRL is indebted to RLIF who have intervened to ensure that the funds which FNRL recognise are due to our World Cup players have been transferred into our accounts in order that we can settle these undertakings. Without the intervention of the RLIF we would not have been able to immediately complete the player payment arrangement we had with our players.”

RLIF CEO David Collier commented:
“There are exceptional and unusual circumstances relating to a withholding arising from other debts which prevented FNRL from being able to complete its obligations to its players. It is the opinion of the RLIF that the player payment obligations have to be discharged as the first priority in order to protect the integrity and reputation of our sport. For this reason RLIF has taken exceptional actions to intervene in this matter through the provision of funding under guarantee to FNRL.”

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